Providing editing, copy editing, and proofreading services in a variety of subject areas

JM Editorial is here to serve your editorial needs, from proofreading to substantive editing. I am Jennifer Morgan, and as the principal editor at JM Editorial, I work with individuals, corporations, and publishers (including educational publishers and university presses) to help make their material clear, consistent, concise, and engaging.


What makes me the right editor to evaluate and refine your manuscript? I bring more than 12 years of freelance editing experience in diverse topics to every project. My list of past projects includes subjects ranging from science (physics, sage grouse conservation, NASA-funded microgravity research) to education (gifted education, constructivism, integration) to the humanities (sociological studies of weddings and casinos, the history of French cheese, ancient Greek philosophy). I specialize in book-length projects, by both single and multiple authors, and am careful to ensure coherence across the breadth of multi-chapter manuscripts.


I am well-versed in issues of grammar, punctuation, and style and am familiar with most standard style manuals. I will tailor my proofread or edit to your individual style guide and the level of edit desired, ranging from a strict proofread (cold or version comparison), with only outright errors identified, to a substantive edit at the sentence, paragraph, or whole-document level. I also excel at resource checking and make sure to verify facts stated within the text as well as painstakingly track down the information necessary to produce a comprehensive and highly accurate bibliography. Best of all, I am thorough and extremely attentive to detail, traits that will help your publication be the best it can be.


Please contact me at or (845) 778-5275 to discuss your needs. I look forward to working with your project.