Jennifer L. Morgan

Editorial Consultant, JM Editorial

15 Liberty Street / Walden, NY 12586 / Phone: (845) 778-5275 / E-mail: jennifer@jmeditorial.com


Master of Arts in Education - Secondary School Teaching, English
December 1994
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Endorsement in Gifted Education

Bachelor of Arts in English, with Distinction in General Scholarship
December 1992
University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Freelance Editorial Experience

Performed copy editing and proofreading for multiple manuscripts for the following clients (for titles, see JM Editorial's Past Projects page):

In addition, served these functions for the following clients:

The Ross School (East Hampton, NY)

  • Acted as curriculum editor, gathering teacher-developed materials and student examples and preparing them for publication.
NASA Microgravity Outreach Office (Hampton, VA)
  • Copy edited articles for Microgravity News (later Space Research), a quarterly newsletter chronicling NASA-sponsored scientific activities performed onboard the space shuttle and in other venues.
  • Copy edited other publications, including the Microgravity Research Program Annual Report and various web pages.
  • Researched and wrote articles for publication on the web concerning NASA-sponsored shuttle experiments in the areas of combustion science, fluid physics, and fundamental physics.

Ark Multimedia Publishing (Hampton, VA)

  • Edited text for Microgravity Explorer, an educational CD-ROM for fifth to eighth grade, for scientific, technical, and grammatical accuracy.
  • Researched and wrote text describing the International Space Station for use in the CD-ROM.
  • Proofread text changes made by CD-ROM contributors.

Tinsley-Metters Communications (Hampton, VA)

  • Edited Homecoming magazine, a bimonthly publication targeting the alumni of historically Black colleges and universities.

Other Editorial Experience

NASA Microgravity Outreach Office (Hampton University, Hampton, VA)
Technical Writer, February 1996-August 1998
  • Interviewed subjects and conducted research on the Internet to author articles for Microgravity News (see above for a description of this publication).
  • Assembled material, written and photographic, for an annual report on NASA's Advanced Technology Development Program and edited submissions for clarity, style, and consistency.
  • Coordinated the development of an educational CD-ROM featuring activities in a simulated microgravity environment targeted at fifth- to eighth-grade students.
  • Produced written material regarding experiments taking place onboard the space shuttle for informational viewgraphs used in comprehensive presentations by NASA officials.
  • Copy edited written material produced by all members of the Microgravity Outreach team for style and consistency.
Earthquake Engineering Research Center Library (Richmond, CA)
Student Clerk, September 1990-December 1992
  • Proofread and copy edited the Abstract Journal of Earthquake Engineering.
  • Maintained card catalog and prepared for conversion from manual card catalog to online catalog.

Other Employment

Center for Gifted Education (Williamsburg, VA)
Coordinator, Summer Enrichment Program, July 1995-August 1995
Teacher, Summer/Saturday Enrichment Program, "Writing for Fun and Profit," August 1995; "Writers' Workshop," October-November 1996; "Life on the Internet," January-March 1998

The Princeton Review (Williamsburg, VA)
Teacher, SAT and GRE Preparation Courses, June 1994-June 1996

Swem Library, The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)
Office Services Specialist, Fiscal Assistant, June 1994-June 1995

Child Development Resources (Lightfoot, VA)
Assistant to the Director of Development, May 1994-July 1995

Skills, Proficiencies, and Other Items of Interest

  • Proficient in multiple software packages, especially Microsoft Office programs.
  • Experienced with The Chicago Manual of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook; excellent at learning new styles and applying them to documents.
  • Attentive to detail at every level.
  • Conversant in Spanish and German.
  • Expert handcrafter with skills in fiber spinning (using a spinning wheel or spindle), knitting, and pattern design.
  • Appeared as a prizewinning contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, August 2000.